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  1. €69.99
    83,99 GBP 69,99 GBP
    Tan bajo como 83,99 GBP 69,99 GBP
  2. €104.70
    125,64 GBP
    Tan bajo como 125,64 GBP 104,70 GBP
    • Replaces
    • 72W
    29,98 GBP 24,98 GBP
    Tan bajo como 29,98 GBP 24,98 GBP
  3. €53.97
    64,76 GBP 53,97 GBP
    Tan bajo como 64,76 GBP 53,97 GBP
  4. €133.82
    160,58 GBP
    Tan bajo como 160,58 GBP 133,82 GBP
    • Replaces
    • 360W
    69,98 GBP 58,32 GBP
    Tan bajo como 69,98 GBP 58,32 GBP
  5. Was 107,99 GBP 89,99 GBP Precio especial 78,46 GBP 65,38 GBP
    Special offer item
  6. €149.54
    179,45 GBP
    Tan bajo como 179,45 GBP 149,54 GBP
    • Replaces
    • 36W
    65,99 GBP
    Tan bajo como 65,99 GBP 54,99 GBP
    • Replaces
    • 80w
    72,98 GBP 60,82 GBP
    Tan bajo como 54,73 GBP
    • Replaces
    • 140W
    77,99 GBP 64,99 GBP
    Tan bajo como 77,99 GBP 64,99 GBP

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Garage LED Lighting which works for you...

The lights in a Garage need to be hard working, long lasting and durable and Garage LED Lighting provides the perfect solution that fulfills all three criteria. LightRabbit's LED bulbs for warehouses and industrial applications will last for up to 50,000 hours if they are installed in their intended environment, which translates into a significant saving on energy year on year. Garage LED lighting is also convenient. In a warehouse the otherwise simple act of changing a light bulb or tube becomes a complex and labour-intensive process, so bulbs that last as much as ten times longer really can make a major difference to your maintenance requirements.


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