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When looking to find garden LED lighting solutions, browse our fantastic range of outdoor LED products on sale today at LightRabbit®. We supply Garden LED lights suitable for use in the outside, as well as a variety of alternative outdoor applications. Our garden LED product range includes all manner of compact & durable designs which are made for use in varying conditions. If you need outdoor LED flood lighting or outdoor LED spot lights which have the capability of lighting a large area, the products below would be just perfect for your situation.

    • Replaces
    • 150W
    Was 22,00 GBP 18,33 GBP Precio especial 11,28 GBP 9,40 GBP
    Special offer item
    • Replaces
    • 250W
    40,00 GBP 33,33 GBP
    Tan bajo como 40,00 GBP 33,33 GBP
  1. €24.99
    29,99 GBP 24,99 GBP
    Tan bajo como 29,99 GBP 24,99 GBP
  2. €29.05
    29,05 GBP 29,05 GBP
    Tan bajo como 29,05 GBP 29,05 GBP
  3. €43.91
    43,91 GBP 43,91 GBP
    Tan bajo como 43,91 GBP 43,91 GBP
    • Replaces
    • 60W
    34,98 GBP 29,15 GBP
    Tan bajo como 34,98 GBP 29,15 GBP
    • Replaces
    • 120W
    68,99 GBP 57,49 GBP
    Tan bajo como 51,74 GBP

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