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Todas nuestras bombillas y lámparas de filamentos LED vienen con una Garantía de 5 años. En LightRabbit® disponemos de Lámparas LED de filamentos en casquillos E27 y E14. Diseñadas para sobrebrillar, las bombillas LED de filamentos que le ofrecemos en LightRabbit® usan hasta un 90% menos de energía que las tradicionales bombillas halógenas equivalentes y por tanto le ayudarán a ahorrar hasta un 90% en su factura eléctrica.


Para asistencia técnica acerca de nuestra gama de bombillas de filamentos LED no dude en contactar con nuestro servicio de atención al cliente o visite este enlace para más información. 

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Browse LED filament light bulbs & filament LED lamps here at LightRabbit.

All our filament style LED light bulbs come with a five year guarantee and our extensive filament range includes E27, E14 and B22 fittings, as well as multi-filament style light bulbs. Designed to outshine traditional light bulbs, LightRabbit’s filament LED bulbs use 90% less energy than standard light bulbs, saving you money every time you turn them on. For more information on LED Filament Bulbs read more or simply ask the LightRabbit customer support team today.

Energy Efficient LED Filament Bulbs

LED lighting has completely revolutionised the way we light our homes and offices. However, with revolution came a whole new set of styles and designs, befitting the advent of a new and modern technology. However, if you’re a traditionalist and you’re looking for the same style of bulb for your existing light fixtures, you’re in luck thanks to our LED filament bulbs!

Traditional incandescent lighting works by passing an electrical current through the thin tungsten filaments you can see when you hold the bulbs up. The electrical resistance in the wire causes the filament to glow with heat, producing the light you see when you flick your light switch. The problem with this is that producing light as a by-product of heat is extremely inefficient, with 90% of energy usage being wasted as heat.

Save Money With Filament LED Bulbs

LED filament bulbs have taken this traditional design and modernised it. They look exactly like a traditional incandescent light from afar, with the old tungsten filaments being replaced with a ling thin LED. Switching to LED filament lamps is incredibly easy, too. Since these filament LED bulbs come with the same bases as you’re used to, they fit directly into all of your existing fixtures. Simply put your new LED filament bulbs in as if they were traditional incandescent bulbs, and you’re ready to start making savings from the next time you hit the light switch.

Because LED filament lamps don’t produce heat in the same way that incandescent bulbs do, these savings can be as much as 90% of your heating bill. Since they come in a range of sizes and shapes, including candle bulbs and golf ball bulbs, the only differences you’ll notice are your massive savings on your monthly bills, and the fact that you won’t have need to change your new bulbs any time soon. In fact, these filament LED bulbs last up to 25 times longer than your standard, traditional incandescent lights, meaning that you don’t just save money on your lighting bills, you save money on replacing your old and inefficient bulbs over the years, too!

Last but not least, these highly efficient filament LED bulbs come in a range of different brightness levels, allowing you to match our 40W or 60W bulbs with a 4W or 6W equivalent. Of course, if you prefer to adjust your home lighting levels to match your mood, all of these high quality filament LED lamps work with your existing dimmer switches, meaning that whatever you need your traditional-looking bulbs for, we always have the perfect bulb to suit.

If you have any questions about our filament LED light bulbs, or any of our other LED lighting products, please feel to contact a member of our Sales and Support team on 0203 327 2931. We will be more than happy to talk you through everything you need to know to make an informed decision today.

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