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40w LED Ceiling Panel

40w LED Ceiling Panel

  • 72W replacement
  • Dimmable
  • Extra Wide Beam Angle
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29,99 GBP 24,99 GBP
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A+ energy rating
90 day returns
5 Year Warranty
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3400 Lm
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72W Replace
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Sí Dimmable
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90 day worry free returns!

49,98 GBP 41,65 GBP

Emergency Power Pack for Recessed Lighting

49,98 GBP 41,65 GBP
23,99 GBP 19,99 GBP

40W LED Dimmable Panel Driver - female connector

40W Dimmable Driver for LED Panel Lights. Compatible with Lightwell LED Panel Lights. Easy installation.

23,99 GBP 19,99 GBP
13,00 GBP 10,83 GBP

Ceiling Mount for 595mm x 595mm Ultra-Slim Panel

13,00 GBP 10,83 GBP
3,59 GBP 2,99 GBP

Soportes de Superficie para Panel LED Ultra Plano 595x595mm

3,59 GBP 2,99 GBP
5,99 GBP 4,99 GBP

Muelle/Soporte para acople de Panel LED Ultra Plano 595x595mm

5,99 GBP 4,99 GBP
5,99 GBP 4,99 GBP

Kit de Suspensión para Panel LED Ultra Plano de 595x595mm

5,99 GBP 4,99 GBP

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The stylish compact Lightwell 40W LED light panel is a low energy yet highly efficient lighting solution ideal for use in commercial premises such as offices, factories, retail environments or supermarkets.

Our LED light panel uses standard mains input voltage and is supplied with a driver. Consuming just 40 watts of energy and an efficiency of 80Lm/W, these units provide an impressive 3200 lumens of bright, evenly distributed light that will help reduce your carbon footprint. The Lightwell 40W LED panel is rated IP51 (refer to our IP Rating Chart for more details) and is available in either Natural White or Cool White. At 595x595mm, the lightweight LED panel is designed for simple installation into 600x600mm suspended ceilings and is a direct replacement for a standard tube light panel. Where mounted or suspended panels are required we supply the necessary accessories here. These panels are dimmable, you will require a dimmable driver which may be purchased as an optional extra.

✔ Perfect retrofit with high quality finish
✔ Environmentally friendly: no mercury or hazardous substances
✔ 90 Day no quibble returns
✔ Register this product for a FREE 5yr Warranty
✔ Volume & Trade pricing available - Call 0203 327 2931

Call for more information 0203 327 2931

Tech Specs

Tech Specs
Operación Mains
IP Rating IP51
Temperatura luz Cool White / Natural White
Finish White
Vida estimada 50,000 Hours
Tensíon nominal 200V/240V
Medidas 595*595*11mm
Lúmenes 3400
Equivalencia 72W
Potencia nominal 40W
Ángulo de apertura 120°
Energy Rating A+
Devueltos 90 day returns
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Dimmable Option Dimmable
Customer Questions & Answers
Question: What is PMMA thermoplastic?

Also known as acrylic or acrylic glass and names such as Perspex among several others, is a transparent lightweight thermoplastic that is shatter-resistant.  It is used primarily for it’s ability to not discolour over time, keeping the LED panels diffuser clear and like-new throughout it’s lifetime.

Question: What is a Flicker-Free driver?

Flicker is defined by the perception of visual steadiness. LED products that run on standard drivers can often strobe and flicker and although invisible to the naked eye, can still cause health issues. The degree and effects of LED flicker varies dependent on several variables, but according to various scientific studies, people can be highly susceptible to flickering lights in the 3 to 70Hz range, which can result in epileptic seizures.

Using flicker-free drivers is the perfect solution to these potential issues.

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