A Secure Home Starts With LED Flood Lighting

A secure home starts with LED Flood Lighting

Shop LED FloodlightsWhen you think of security for your home or office you probably think of reinforced entrances or alarm systems, but the best way of deterring someone from even trying to gain access to your property is with good LED flood lighting. Protecting your home or office starts with ensuring high visibility in the locations criminals would be most likely to try and gain access to.

In the darkness walls can be climbed over and fences and locks can be cut. Modern criminals also have different ways of gaining access to home and offices despite the prevalence of high tech alarms and surveillance systems. With effective LED lighting keeping your property well illuminated, criminals will think twice before they try and gain access to what you hold dear.

LEDs were first developed for applications that required high visibility like illuminated signs, traffic lights and billboards. But recent developments in LED lighting technology have seen massive strides taken with regard to LED’s ability to project light too, and making it more popular for flood lighting.

As UK LED technology’s capacity to throw light has just got better, it has replaced archaic alternatives that make use of metal halide, high pressure sodium and mercury vapour. Modern LED flood lights provide the same light output as these more toxic options, at a fraction of the cost and energy required to power older lights. Some LED flood lighting reduces energy requirements by as much as 90%, which makes a major difference to your electricity bill every month.

50W LED Floodlight with PIRLightRabbit offers a wide range of LED flood lighting options, from 10W to 50W, as well as a 200W LED flood light which can be used as a replacement for a traditional halogen light. These LED bulbs can reduce your power consumption by as much as 90% and can last for as long as 30 years, so you really can’t afford not to invest in this kind of security.

UK LED flood lighting with PIR sensors are even more energy efficient as the light only comes on when the sensor is activated. And, what’s more, modern LED bulbs are easier to install than ever. 

Of course, if you decide to purchase your LED lighting through LightRabbit you also receive a 5 Year warranty and 90 day money back return policy so you really do not take on any risk at all. To keep your mind at ease make sure the lights are on when no one’s home.

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